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Spice 1 - Hallowpoint

1. Intro
2. Hallowpoint ft Zigg Zagg
3. Facedown Ass Up ft E-Note - video
4. Candyman
5. Guns with the money
6. Darkness Falls
7. Hope Hope Hope ft Yukmouth & Brotha Lynch Hung
8. Ak Ak Loaded ft Oj the Juiceman & Teezio
9. Bloody Murda ft E-Note
10. Edge of Night
11. Take off your Mask ft E-Note
12. Don't Push Me ft Roscoe


Next Stop West Coast

1. What They Want Osama For? - Papoose ft Brotha Lynch Hung - video
2. Knock Knock - Ras Kaas ft Brotha Lynch Hung & COS
3. Murder is all I know - Styles P ft COS - video
4. Niggas better strap in - Uncle Murda ft Sugar Bang

Left for Dead

1. Stay out the way - Brotha Lynch Hung ft ZigZagg
2. Strap on me - Brotha Lynch Hung ft Tall Cann G & Yukmouth video
3. Addicted to You - COS ft Gidie video
4. Bonefied Sic Fucs - Buc 50 & THC
5. Real - Tall Cann G
6. Study Me - Brotha Lynch Hung


Goodbye Shanghai

While embezzling $14 billion from a Chinese bank for the US government, two Western bankers grab $15 million in cash for themselves. They store it in an upright bass case and wander the streets of Shanghai, waiting for their morning departure. When the more experienced of the two insists they spend their last night partying in a local club, the night takes a wild turn. Goodbye Shanghai explores the negative effects of Western imperialism on modern Chinese culture

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01/20/2011 03:16 AM
Trigga Gots No Heart and be in the new Spice 1 Video

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Notorious Bastards out now

12/12/2010 02:51 AM
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